Cherokee Family Violence Centers


It was wonderful; it was exhausting; they were moved to tears; we were moved to tears; they were so grateful.

Thanks so much to all of the volunteers who dedicated their Saturday to this great cause; and also, for the many donations that made our stagings possible. The creativity among us never ceases to amaze me. Barb would have been so proud of how we used other people's cast offs to make truly wonderful living spaces for these ladies and their children.

We did encounter a few things that were insurmountable --- unmaking a little boy's bed only to find it full of ants - and then discovering that the room was full of ants. Bug spray was not something any of us had in our caddies. We will have it from now on! And toys. These kids have not frames for their beds, but they have more toys than any of us knew what to do with. And mildew; more in one lady's apartment than you can imagine; more than Krud Kutter or Pure Ayre could handle - and the apartment building is only 6 months old.

Angel is working on collecting all of our pictures and I can't wait to see what the results.

Again, thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Right now please, all ASPs put 9/16/06 on your calendars for next year's event. With more participants, we can make an even bigger difference.

- Jeanne Westmoreland

Cherokee Family Violence Centers

Members of the Atlanta IAHSP Chapter volunteered their time at the Cherokee Family Violence Center's (CFVC) Hearthstone Landing complex in Canton, Georgia. Hearthstone Landing was selected through a partnership with Chayil, Inc., a not-for-profit organization serving metro Atlanta battered women in transitional programs.

Hearthstone Landing is a new, rental development with 57 units set aside as permanent supportive housing for families experiencing domestic abuse. This designation allows victims of domestic violence and their families to stay for up to 3 years in affordable housing units with rents based on income. Hearthstone Landing is the first of its kind in Georgia, providing a residential safe haven of rental apartments combined with supportive services to assist these families back to self-sufficiency.

Five residents were selected based on their participation in the Chayil group program and in a short essay writing contest.

Our day started with breakfast, introductions of the winners and tours of the 3 morning apartments. Our teams got right to work. In just 2 short hours, we staged the apartments using their existing furnishings and donations. Our biggest challenge was an abundance of toys without adequate storage. Our two biggest obstacles were mildew and a bedroom infested with ants. Our hard work received rave reviews.

After a break for lunch, we tackled our remaining 2 apartments. Melinda Anderson and Lisa Romans did a wonderful job transforming an apartment that was practically vacant to a home the owner never wants to leave. The pictures of her reaction say it all.

Jeanne Westmoreland did a fantastic job as the main coordinator of this event. We did not realize until a week prior to the event that one of the apartments was almost bare. Her last-minute efforts to obtain donated furnishings made such an impact on our ability to transforms all the apartments.

Atlanta Participants:

Jeanne Westmoreland, ASP
Melinda Anderson, ASP
Lisa Romans, ASP
Angel Walker, ASP
Sandra Hackett, ASP Realtor
Lara Cazenave, Volunteer
Shirley Brown, Volunteer
Teresa King, Volunteer


- Angel