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Welcome to the

Atlanta IAHSP® Regional Chapter!



 Atlanta IAHSP Chapter is a professional Staging organization whose mission is to focus on the education of our members, to follow a strict standard of professional and ethical guidelines of & IASHP® and to become the #1 Staging resource in the real estate industry.



The Code of Ethics has been adopted by IAHSP® to protect the public, IAHSP Regional Chapter Members, and IAHSP International professional standards. Members of IAHSP Regional Chapters are required to conduct their business in a professional and ethical manner that will gain respect of clients, fellow members of Accredited Staging Professionals® and others in the community.

It is the responsibility of every member of the IAHSP International to be in compliance with the Code of Ethics as defined below.


  • Members should be candid and truthful in all professional communications.
  • Members shall not undertake any professional responsibility unless qualified and prepared to perform their work competently.
  • Members shall not discount their fees to compete with a Chapter member colleague.
  • Members shall not interfere with an existing business relationship between a client and any other Chapter member.



  • Members shall not endorse or misrepresent an individual known to be unqualified.
  • Members shall not solicit, encourage, or support any breach of professionalism or any IAHSP policy among their peers.
  • Members shall not engage in any form of misleading promotional activities or false advertising.
  • Members shall not cause injury to the reputation of another member.


Intellectual Property

  • Members shall use photographs for marketing purposes only with the express written permission of the homeowner and/or the professional photographer and IAHSP International and/or if the pictures have come from the IAHSP® or web-sties.
  • Members may take credit for their work only. 


Conflicts of Interest

  • Members shall not make available nor sell IAHSP® information or any other information intended for members only to any individual or entity (including mailing lists or electronic lists) that could be considered a conflict of interest for IAHSP®.
  • Members shall not hold the position of IAHSP® Board Member at the same time they are serving as a board member of any other competing industry association without express written permission from IAHSP® International.



  • Members shall honor all business contracts, agreements, and commitments.



  • Members shall not divulge confidential and/or copy-written information from our websites or resources from events.  Resources on our sites are only for use by ASP®s in current standing, and use of information on the IAHSP websites are only for IAHSP® Members in current standing.




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